The amount of times I have
 seen overseas fans say the same thing as these girls.
 There are many countries and languages but this band gave us
 the same thing. 
 Translation and subtitles by keigazerock
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 three big evils

My takes on male maleficent, Male Ursula and female Hades.

I love painting fantasy and none human colored skin! Hope you guys like ^_^

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Mass Effect 2 : Locations (5/5)

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this is my favorite internet phenomenon that i have experienced since i joined tumblr three years ago.

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The combination of sleek and powerful shapes with the ornate gold and fine fabrics gives Vivienne a pretty unique appearance. [x]

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Trying to grab some Kirkwall scenery and then SUDDENLY..

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League of Legends: S U P P O R T S
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Done in SAI

 | Please don’t remove my credits, thanks.

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